Enter to Win a $10,000 Jackpot!

Sweepstakes | August 22nd, 2023


Grand Prize: $10,000
How to Enter:
Comment on their contest Instagram posts with the #BEHRSweepstakes
Odds of Winning:
Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received
Increase Your Odds By: You can enter this sweepstakes multiple times. Increase your odds by ensuring your entry is eligible
Contest End Date: September 9, 2023

Ever fancied giving a fresh burst of color to your space and wished you had some extra green to do it?

Well, the hue-gods at BEHR have answered your wishes!

Here's the splash of brilliance they're offering: Not one, not two, but FIVE winners are about to get a lot richer with a luscious $10,000 cash prize each! How to score this dreamy jackpot? Just let BEHR know where you'd wield your paintbrush.

If you’re ready to enter to win this prize, click here. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading!

Here's How to Enter:

  1. Follow: Make sure you're keeping tabs on @behrpaint on Instagram.
  2. Spot the Special Post: Watch out for the “Color of the Year Sweepstakes” post popping up on their feed. And hey, keep those peepers peeled on these dates: Aug 16th, Aug 21st, Aug 26th, Aug 31st, and Sept 5th. That's when the magic happens!
  3. Comment and Conquer: On each of these posts, drop a comment revealing which room you'd sprinkle with the 2024 Color of the Year. And, (this is the sparkly bit) don’t forget to jazz up your comment with the hashtag #BEHRSweepstakes.
  4. Double Your Luck: Feeling extra ambitious? Tag a friend in your comment and BOOM! You've just earned yourself an additional entry.

So, whether it's the living room that needs some vibrancy or a bedroom that's craving a cool undertone, let BEHR know and you could be $10,000 richer!

You can win all kinds of other huge cash prizes here if that's something you're interested in. If you're already planning to paint your home then don't wait, enter this awesome sweeps today by clicking here.

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