Ok Wow isn’t just your average sweepstakes site. It definitely is a sweeps site, but it truly is anything but average! Once you learn more about our brand and what we stand for, you’ll surely be saying, “Ok Wow!”

We compile sweeps from all over the internet. You’ll find opportunities to win everything from big-ticket items like cars and home entertainment systems to cash jackpots worth over $150k! So whatever you want to win, you can find it on Ok Wow.

Great news, it’s super easy to get started on Ok Wow! All you have to do is browse our incredible sweepstakes and choose which contests appeal to you. Once you find contests that you’d like to win, read the post to find out how to enter.

Once you understand how to enter, click ‘here’ where the post instructs.

Once you click ‘here’ where the post instructs you will be taken off of our site. Don’t worry, that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen! That is simply because we don’t host all of these contests ourselves. We simply compile them all into one convenient location for you. So browse and enter your hearts out!

Phenomenal question! As you know, we don’t host all of these contests ourselves. That means, when HGTV decides to give away a home, for example, they decide the odds of winning. Spoiler alert, most companies set the “odds” based on how many people enter.

Anyway, when you find a sweeps you like, click ‘here’ where the post instructs you to. Once you’re on the sweeps landing page, find the official rules. The official rules will outline the odds of winning that particular contest. Each contest will have unique odds of winning, so if you’re curious what your chances are, check the official rules!

Another great question! The easiest way to increase your odds of winning a prize at all is to simply enter as many contests as possible. Think about it like this, even though the odds of winning the lottery are tough, the more you play, the more you increase your chance to win.

People who win a lot of sweepstakes also enter a lot of sweepstakes!

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