Enter to WIn an Off-Road Bicycle!

Sweepstakes | January 14th, 2024


Pacifico Clara Bike Sweepstakes: Win an Exclusive Off-Road Bicycle!

Looking for an exhilarating way to explore off-road trails? The Pacifico Clara Bike Sweepstakes is your ticket to adventure! For a limited time, they’re giving away 15 Pacifico BMX off-road bicycles, each valued at $1,000. Imagine the thrill of conquering new terrains with this top-of-the-line bicycle!


Grand Prize: Fifteen lucky winners will each receive a Pacifico-branded BMX off-road bicycle, perfect for adventure seekers and biking enthusiasts!
How to Enter: Simply fill out the online form. It’s quick and easy!
Odds of Winning: Your chance of winning depends on the number of eligible entries received. Remember, everyone has a shot!
Increase Your Odds By: Make sure to enter daily! You can enter this sweepstakes once per day, so boost your chances by submitting an eligible entry each day.
Contest End Date: February 21, 2024.

If you’re ready to enter to win this exciting prize, click here. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading!

Enter to Win:

Picture yourself navigating through rugged paths, feeling the rush of the wind, and experiencing the freedom of the great outdoors on your new Pacifico BMX bike.

And that’s not all! You can also win a variety of other great prizes here. If you’re already craving your next outdoor adventure, don’t wait. Enter the Pacifico Clara Bike Sweepstakes today by clicking here. With daily entries, your chances of winning keep getting better!

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